Dining At Riblee’s, Desa Sri Hartamas

Lately, I’ve begin to hear more and more restaurants that have pork in their menu. Or maybe it is just me that being ulu (under the shell) and all, these restaurants are new to me. My friend, who came back from Australia for a break, suggested this place for a small meet up (dinner). What caught my attention was when she mentioned about the place serves pork. Haha.


Riblee’s restaurant was rather easy to find. It is situated opposite of Burger King in Desa Sri Hartamas and it is above of Al Harji bank. It might be hard to spot during the night but as long as you know where are the said landmarks, you should be fine.

Riblee's Restaurant

Although the area is pretty small, I could feel the cosy-ness of the restaurant. The lights were dimmed to add the warmth feeling. There were 2 areas; smoking and non-smoking, and the layout was evenly spread out. From the menu, one could see that almost 70% of them are pork while the remaining are beef and lamb. Truth to be told, there is only one lamb and beef dish.


Since there were 6 of us, we decided to order a few dishes and to be shared amongst us. By this way, we could ‘sample’ more food instead of having one dish individually. For starters, we picked half dozen of Escargots. As far as I could remember, escargot is also known as snail!! But what the heck. It tasted good as the sauce has some garlic-ky flavour and it goes well with the taste of the snail escargot.

Smoked Ham Quesadillas

Other than the Escargots, we ordered Smoked Ham Quesadillas too. If I could recall correctly, they used pork ham rather than turkey nor chicken ham in it. It has slight salty-ness in it and the tortilla skin was crispy. It is best served with the sour cream and salad.

Texas Egg Rolls

The final appetizer was Texas Egg Rolls. It is similiar to those you get in Chilis and TGiF but if I’m not mistaken, they used other meat instead of chicken. Maybe it was lamb. Or maybe it was beef. Nothing to shout about but nothing bad about it either. Pardon me for the extra bright sour cream colours. :P

Texas Style Ribs

For main course, we ordered quite a few things. First up, was the Texan Style Ribs. Bear in mind, it is pork! Not beef. Pork! It was somewhat sweet yet slight spicy and the meat was tender.

Pork Bacon Steak

Then, came the special of the day; Pork Bacon Steak. This has got to be one of my favourite dishes of the day. The mustard-based creamy sauce was awesome. In fact, it was really appetizing as it was slight sourish and salty and it went well with the pork bacon loin steak.

Oregano Roast Lamb

The last meat dish of the day was the Oregano Roast Lamb. Hhmm… What do I have to say about this dish? The meat was cooked properly and there was tiny layers of fat which I’m fine with it. There was no musky taste of the lamb which is a good thing and the sauce was good.

Spicy Angel Hair Pasta

Besides being all meaty, we ordered Spicy Angel Hair Pasta as well. To me, it is similiar to Aglio Olio pasta. In it, there were lots of crispy bacons, thin slices of cucumbers and sprinkles of parmesan cheese. The only downside of it was the spicy-ness as claimed by the name of the dish. I doubt there’s any to begin with although I saw a couple of chili padis in it. Oh well, at least the bacons was enough to keep me happy.

Riblee's Oreo Ice Cream Cake

For desserts, we opted for two; Riblee’s Oreo Ice Cream Cake and Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae. The Oreo ice cream cake was the winner of the desserts as it was really good. Vanilla ice cream with chunks of Oreo biscuits, coupled with chocolate sauce, it was like match made in heaven. Everybody loved this dessert. Though the cake was rock solid (and cold) at first, we finished the ice cream cake faster than the sundae. Seriously.

Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae

Overall, it was a good dinner and a good meet up. One should consider visiting this restaurant as it offers nothing but good food as well as peaceful environment. Besides, the price is pretty reasonable for place like this.

No. 41-1, Wisma CKL,
Jalan 23/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel. No. : (03) 6201 0180

Map :

Riblee's Map

*Blue circle in the map denotes the location of the shop.


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  3. Oh mien.. regret to visit your blog at this hour *LOL*

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